• PhD Business Administration, Columbia University
  • ME Engineering, the Indian Institute of Science
  • BE Engineering, Madras University, India

Selected Publications

  • Duvvuru, A., Balachandra, R., Zeid, A., Kamarthi, S. (2012). A system dynamics model for studying manufacturing outsourcing cost dynamics. International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing, 3(1).
  • Balachandra, R., Goldstein, M., Friar, J. (2004). The Evolution of Technology Generations and Associated Markets: A Double Helix Model. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 49, No. 1.
  • Balachandra, R., Friar, J.  (`997)Factors for Success in R&D Projects and New Product Innovation: A Contextual Framework. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. EM-44, No. 3, pp. 276-287.
  • Balachandra, R. (1989) Early Warning Signals for R&D Projects, Lexington MA: Lexington Books.

Selected Presentations

Balachandra, R (Presenter & Author), Kamarthi, Sagar (Author Only), International Conference, “System Dynamics Modeling of R&D Outsourcing”, DSI, Boston. (July 7, 2013).

Research & Teaching Interests

Balachandra’s research interests include outsourcing and offshoring technology, project management, R&D management, new product development, and technological forecasting.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining the D’Amore-McKim School of Business faculty in 1980, Balachandra taught at the University of North Carolina, Boston College, and the Indian Institute of Management.

Services to the Profession

Balachandra is a member of numerous professional and honorary societies, including the Academy of Management, and the American Institute for Decision Sciences. He was also a department editor for IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Awards & Recognition

Fulbright Professor, Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal University, Manipal, India, Jan -June 2007. During this time organized workshops for the faculty on Research Methodology, Case Teaching and Case Writing. Visited a number of educational institutes and developed relationships with some major management schools in India.