Selected Publications

  • Ellen, P. (2019). The Science of the Deal: A Negotiation Expert Explains How Trump and the Democrats Could Both End the Shutdown With A Win. The Conversation.
  • Ferris, G.R., Ellen, B.P. III, McAllister, C.P., & Maher, L.P. (2019). Reorganizing organizational politics research: A review of the literature and identification of future research directions. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 6, 299-323.
  • Steffensen, D.S., Ellen, B.P., Wang, G., Ferris, G. (2019). Putting the “Management” Back in Human Resource Management: A Review and Agenda for Future Research. Journal of Management.
  • Wang, G., DeGhetto, K., Ellen III, B. P., Lamont, B. T. (2018). Board Antecedents of CEO Duality and the Moderating Role of Country-level Managerial Discretion: A Meta-analytic Investigation. Journal of Management Studies, 56(1), 172-202.
  • Russell, Z. A., Steffensen, Jr., D. S., Ellen III, B. P., Zhang, L., Bishoff, J., Ferris, G. R. (2018). High Performance Work Practice Implementation and Follower Impressions of Line Manager Leadership. Human Resource Management Review, 28(3), 258-270.
  • McAllister, C., Ellen III, B. P., Ferris, G. R. (2018). Social influence opportunity recognition, evaluation, and capitalization: Increase theoretical specification through political skill’s dimensional dynamics. Journal of Management, 44(5), 1926-1952.
  • Epitropaki, O., Kapoutsis, I., Ellen, B. P., Ferris, G. R., Drivas, K., & Ntotsi, A. (2016). Navigating uneven terrain: The roles of political skill and LMX differentiation in prediction of work relationship quality and work outcomes. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Wihler, A., Blickle, G., Ellen, B.P. III, Hochwarter, W.A., & Ferris, G.R. (2015). Personal initiative and job performance evaluations: The role of political skill in opportunity recognition and capitalization. Journal of Management.
  • Ellen, B.P., III (2014). Considering the positive possibilities of leader political behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35(6), 892-896.
  • Ellen, B.P., III, Ferris, G.R., & Buckley, M.R. (2013). Leader political support: Reconsidering leader political behavior. The Leadership Quarterly, 24(6), 842-857.

Selected Presentations

  • Deghetto, K., Wang, G., & Ellen, B.P. III (2015). A meta-analytic review of the nomological network of CEO duality. Paper presented at the Southern Management Association Annual Meeting, St. Pete Beach, FL, October 27-31, 2015. 
  • Ellen, B. P. III (2014). The psychological costs of authentic leadership. In D. Ladkin & C. Spiller (Co-Chairs), Critical Perspectives on Authentic Leadership. Symposium presented at the Academy of Management, 74th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 1-5, 2014
  • Ellen, B.P. III., & Sutton, A.L. (2014). Revisiting the strategic core theory of teams: Implications of increased interdependence. Paper presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Honolulu, HI, May 15-17, 2014.
  • McAllister, C.P., Ellen, B.P. III, & Ferris, G.R. (2014). Unpacking political skill: Using opportunity recognition and capitalization to explain dimensional process dynamics. Paper presented at the Southern Management Association Annual Meeting. Savannah, GA, November 11-15, 2014.
  • Ellen, B.P. III, Mackey, J., Hochwarter, W.A., & Ferris, G.R. (2013). Social adaptability as a resource buffering abusive supervision perceptions. Poster presented in the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Houston, TX, April 11-13, 2013. John C. Flanagan Award Recipient for Outstanding Student Contribution and for Featured Top Rated Poster displayed at the all-conference reception.


  • Ph.D., Business Administration, Florida State University
  • M.S., Managerial Sciences, Georgia State University
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Auburn University

Research & Teaching Interests

Professor Ellen researches organizational behavior topics related to social influence in organizations. His primary focus areas are leadership and organizational politics, with related interests in accountability and teams. He has taught courses on both organizational behavior and leadership in organizations.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to his academic career, Professor Ellen spent nearly a decade in the consulting engineering industry. During this time, he served in project, office, regional, and firm-wide management roles for a privately held organization with more than fifty offices across the United States. In addition to his primary management roles, he also served as the director of the firm-wide corporate training program for mid-level professionals.

Services to the Profession

Professor Ellen is an active member of the Academy of Management, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Southern Management Association. In addition to reviewing for the annual meetings of each of these organizations, Professor Ellen serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and as a regular reviewer for The Leadership QuarterlyJournal of Organizational Behavior and Journal of Business Ethics.

Awards & Recognition

  • Graduate Research and Creativity Award Finalist (2015), The Graduate School, Florida State University
  • Meredith P. Crawford Fellowship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (2014), Human Resources Research Organization
  • Graduate Scholar Award (2014), Phi Kappa Phi, Florida State University
  • Outstanding Reviewer (2014), Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Division
  • Featured Top Rated Poster (2013), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 28th Annual Conference