Marie Meslin is the Managing Director for NUCEE, the Center For Entrepreneurship Education and part of the Entrepreneurship Global Leadership Team. She oversees the Venture Mentor Network (VMN), Mosaic, which supports a community of builders, leaders and student-led entrepreneurship organizations. Before joining Northeastern, Meslin lead non-profits and worked in the entrepreneurship and international innovation industry for 15+ years. A bit of a Swiss army knife, Meslin has a background in Women's Rights, Innovation, Non-profit Leadership, Startup Capital Access Education, Community Building, Social Justice and Documentary Filmmaking.

Meslin was previously the Executive Director for The Capital Network, making fundraising education accessible for first time founders (now part of MIT’s Entrepreneur Forum) where in 2016 she built The Fellowship for Female Founders, supporting 90+ female founders, (50% POC) 43% who have raised over $90 Million+.

In 2020 Meslin created the Investment & Inclusion Series in collaboration with Brown University's VC Inclusion Lab to examine ways of building a more equitable funding ecosystem.

Meslin is endlessly curious about ways to bring out joy and creativity in ways that shift power dynamics to foster more authentic connections and impact.

Meslin is a frequent facilitator, speaker, mentor for various accelerators and social impact focused organizations and is an Ambassador for Global InvestHer and for Innovation Women.

Meslin started her career in International Women’s Rights and Global Citizenship organizations. She has also worked for international Innovation Consultancies like ?What If! Innovation (now part of Accenture), running workshops and helping 501c3s and Fortune 500s alike understand the power of innovation and creativity to drive business and teams. She is a Producer for Smoke & Apple Films, a women-owned and operated documentary production house focused on social and political issues through the lens of nuanced personal narratives.

A French national who grew up in the UK and spent some time in the Middle East and all over Europe, in 2019, she became a #NewAmerican. Endlessly looking for great food and spices, Meslin can always point you to the finest local bakery.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2022 Top 25 Women Movers & Shakers of the Boston Ecosystem – Boston Startup Week
  • 2019 & 2021 SBA Growth Accelerator Fund Competition Winner