Dau and Thams' research found that U.S. firms led by liberal-leaning CEOs were more likely to exit Russia at the onset of the 2022 Ukraine-Russia military conflict than those run by conservative CEOs.

Luis Dau is the recipient of the Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award and Northeastern's interdisciplinary sabbatical program, which allows professors to take up to two semesters to teach and research at a different college within the university system.

Moscow's famed cyber prowess may not be as sophisticated as people believe, say Northeastern experts. And, Russia may not have the appetite to launch a digital war on top of a traditional one with tanks and bombs. “They don't want a war on two fronts if they don't have to,” says global strategy professor Luis Dau.

Eric Pray weighs a lobster in his garage in Portland, Maine on May 29, 2020. The coronavirus shutdown has prompted Pray to that selling his product direct to customers. AP Photo by Robert F. Bukaty

Northeastern professors across disciplines join forces to try to find out how firms respond to customers when a society at large faces a collective crisis.

Communities and nations that are welcoming to immigrants are more likely to realize the benefits of immigration, says Luis Dau, a Northeastern professor of international business and strategy. History, he believes, is on his side. But a new Northeastern-Gallup poll shows a deep ideological divide among respondents in the U.S., U.K., and Canada on whether immigration causes job losses.