Selected Publications

  • Kerber, K. W. & Buono, A. F. (2010). Intervention and Organizational Change: Building Organizational Change Capacity. In A. F. Buono & D. W. Jamieson (Eds.), Consultation for Organizational Change, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
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Selected Presentations

  • Kerber, K.W. (2015). Communicating and leading change: The human design specification. Ocean State Project Management Institute Chapter Meeting, Warwick, RI, October.
  • Kerber, K.W. (2012). Mastering the challenge of organizational change. International Society for Performance Improvement Massachusetts Chapter, Newton, MA, April.
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  • Kerber, K.W. & Buono, A.F. (2007). Enhancing Change Capacity: Client-Consultant Collaboration and Emergent Change. Management Consulting Division, Academy of Management and Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, June.


  • PhD, Personality Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr. Kerber’s teaching and research interests fall in three areas: implementing organizational change, building high performing teams, and developing leadership and management skills.

Industry & Academic Experience

Dr. Kerber is the founder and principal of Kerber & Associates, a consulting and training business focused on delivering powerful development solutions for organizations, teams, and individuals. Prior to starting his business, Dr. Kerber was the Director of Training & Development at 3Com Corporation in the computer networking industry.

Services to the Profession

Dr. Kerber is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Association for Talent Development.