• PhD Marketing, University of Georgia
  • MBA, Belmont University
  • MA Psychology, Vanderbilt University
  • BA Psychology & Sociology, Miami University

Selected Publications

  • Hulland, John, Hans Baumgartner, and Keith Marion Smith. (2018) “Marketing Survey Research Best Practices: Evidence and Recommendations from a Review of JAMS Articles,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46(1), 92-108.
  • Smith, Keith Marion, John Hulland, and Andrew Stephen (2017) “Post-Purchase Co-Creation: Consumer Segmentation in Consumer-Driven Collaborative Product Development,” Marketing Science Institute Working Paper Series, Report 17-115.
  • Thompson, Scott A., Molan Kim, and Keith Marion Smith (2016). “Community Participation and Consumer to Consumer Helping: Does Participation in Third-Party Hosted Communities Reduce the Likelihood to Help?” Journal of Marketing Research, 53(2), 280-295.
  • Hulland, John, Scott A. Thompson, and Keith Marion Smith (2015). “Exploring Uncharted Waters: Use of Psychological Ownership Theory in Marketing,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 23(2), 140-147.
  • York, Grady S., Mark T. Schenkel, and Keith M. Smith (2014). “Mission, Ministry, & Margin: The Case of Restore Ministries and the YMCA,” Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship, 25(2): 133-167.

Selected Presentations

  • Smith, Keith Marion, John Hulland, and Andrew Stephen. (2015). Post-Purchase Digital Product Development: Co-Creation Segmentation and Social Influence. American Marketing Association Winter Educator’s Conference. San Antonio, TX. Special Session Organizer.
  • Smith, Keith, John Hulland, and Andrew Stephen. (2014). Post-Purchase Co-Creation: The Value of Co-Creation Creators, Co-Creation Consumers, and Core Product Users. Brands and Brand Relationships. Boston, MA.
  • Smith, Keith, Scott Thompson, and John Hulland. (2014). Social-Cue Relevant Product Features & Consumption: The Mediating Role of Brand Communities. American Marketing Association Winter Educator’s Conference.Orlando, FL.
  • Smith, Keith, Scott Thompson, and John Hulland. (2013). The Impact of Socially-Derived Network Effects on Product Consumption. Consumer Brand Relationships. Boston, MA. Awarded Best Paper Award.

Research & Teaching Interests

Keith’s research and teaching interests are focused on conducting marketing research to understand the impact of digital products, social media, and online environments on key outcomes of importance to managers and marketers, including purchase, consumption, consumer helping, and product co-creation, among others. Keith leverages over ten years of industry experience in information technology and digital marketing to collect and analyze large-scale social media datasets that capture real customer behavior in online settings, and utilizes a social science theory driven approach to large-scale dataset research.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining the faculty at Northeastern, Keith spent over ten years in industry, in a number of positions in technology management, digital marketing, and software development. His industry experience ranges from small business, to agile startups, to Fortune 500 firms including Bridgestone, VF Corporation, Dollar General, and MTD, among others.

Services to the Profession

Keith is an active member of the American Marketing Association, the Marketing Science Institute, and the Institute of Brands and Brand Relationships.

Awards & Recognition

  • Dissertation Completion Award, University of Georgia Graduate School, 2015-2016. “Online Consumer Engagement, Online Communities, and Post Purchase Product Outcomes.”
  • Competition on Social Interactions and Social Media Marketing Winner, Marketing Science Institute. Smith, Keith and John Hulland (2014), “Creating a New Connection: Marketing Influences on Co-Creation Network Change.”
  • Best Paper Award, Consumer Brand Relationships Conference. Smith, Keith M., Scott A. Thompson, and John Hulland (2013), “The Impact of Socially-Derived Network Effects on Product Consumption.” Boston, MA.