• PhD Marketing, Cornell University
  • MS Business and Social Statistics, Cornell University
  • BS Mathematics, Tufts University

Selected Publications

  • Wiseman, F., Friar, J. (2014). Ranking College Football Programs based upon Athletic Performance and Academic Success. The Sports Journal.
  • Wiseman, F., Pantalone, C., DeSantis, L. (2011). Using Technology to Reduce the Effects of Missed Classes for Student-Athletes. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), 7(4), 482-490.
  • Wiseman, F., Habibullah, M., Friar, J. (2011). The Importance of Driving Distance and Driving Accuracy on the PGA and Champions Tours. The Sport Journal, 14(1), 8.

Selected Presentations

  • Wiseman, Frederick, Tegrity Users Conference, “New England Student Panel Use of Tegrity”, McGraw-Hill-Tegrity, Boston. (April 2013).
  • Wiseman, Frederick (Presenter & Author), Pantalone, Coleen (Author Only), DeSantis, Lauren (Presenter & Author), Tegrity Users Conference, “Student-Athletes and Beyond: Ensuring Success with Lecture Capture”, McGraw-Hill/Tegrity, Seattle, Washington. (April 19, 2012).
  • Wiseman, Frederick (Presenter & Author), Friar, John (Author Only), Habibullah, Mohamed (Author Only), World Scientific Congress of Golf, “How Driving Distance and Driving Accuracy are Changing on the PGA and Champios Tours”, World Scientific Congress of Golf, US Golf Association, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona. (March 14, 2012).
  • Wiseman, Frederick (Presenter & Author), Staples, Mark (Presenter & Author), Webinar, “Northeastern University Scales Lecture Capture to Meet Growing Demand”, University Business magazine, Internet. (March 12, 2011).

Research & Teaching Interests

Wiseman’s research interests are in the design and analysis of sample surveys, especially with respect to the design of data collection methods that will reduce non-response error and measurement error. His primary teaching interests lie in the areas of Statistics and Marketing Research.

Industry & Academic Experience

Wiseman was named the Klein Lecturer at Northeastern University in 1982 and served as the College’s first Walsh Research Professor from 1982-1984. Wiseman is a nationally recognized expert on the effects of non-response in market research surveys and public opinion polls. He has also served as a consultant to the Federal Trade Commission, the Massachusetts Attorney General, and the Secretary of Consumer Affairs. In addition, Wiseman was a consultant for a number of organizations, companies, and legal firms such as General Dynamics; Educational Testing Service; Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation; the U.S. Department of Labor; and Foley, Hoag and Eliot. Wiseman participated, by invitation, in an industry-wide task force that developed standardized definitions for frequently used survey research terms.

Services to the Profession

Wiseman served as reviewer for many peer-reviewed journals and as an expert witness in legal cases. He also assisted the Secretary of Consumer Affairs in a claim substantiation case. Wiseman conducted a survey for the Attorney General of Massachusetts in an anti-trust case. He also conducted a survey for the Federal Trade Commission in a false advertisement case.

Awards & Recognition

  • National Winner in the American Marketing Association’s Doctoral Dissertation Competition.
  • Selected to give the Klein Lecture at Northeastern University.
  • Selected to be the Co-chairman of the Northeastern University Presidential Search Committee.