Selected Publications

  • Wiseman, F., Pantalone, C., DeSantis, L. (2011). Using Technology to Reduce the Effects of Missed Classes for Student-Athletes. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), 7(4), 482-490.
  • DeSantis, L., Pantalone, C., Wiseman, F. (2010). LectureCapture — An Emerging and Innovative Technology with Multiple Applications for Business Schools. Business Education Innovation Journal, 2(2), 8.  Elsass, P., McCarthy, J., Pantalone, C. (2010) “Differences in Asset Accumulation Between Early and Late Baby Boomers,” Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, 37(2): 95-108.
  • Bolster, P., Pantalone, C., Trahan, E. A. (2010). The Valuation Effect of Security Breaches. Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis, 5(1).

Selected Presentations

  • Wiseman, Frederick (Presenter & Author), Pantalone, Coleen (Author Only), DeSantis, Lauren (Presenter & Author), Tegrity Users Conference, “Student-Athletes and Beyond: Ensuring Success with Lecture Capture”, McGraw-Hill/Tegrity, Seattle, Washington. (April 19, 2012).


  • PhD in Economics, Iowa State University
  • BS in Economics, University of Minnesota

Research & Teaching Interests

Professor Pantalone’s research expertise is in banking and financial institutions and in personal financial planning.

Industry & Academic Experience

Professor Pantalone came to Northeastern in 1981 as an assistant professor of finance and was promoted to associate professor in 1987. She served as associate dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Business Administration from 1993 to 1996. In 1996, she became vice provost for undergraduate education where she had oversight over undergraduate education across the University as well as the Center for Effective University Teaching and the University Honors’ Program. In July 1999, Professor Pantalone was named executive vice provost after holding the position on an interim basis for 18 months. She was responsible for faculty development, budget planning, and long-term planning. University libraries and the Northeastern Press reported to her. In July 2000, she relinquished her duties in the provost’s office and served as director of the semester calendar conversion process. In that post, she was responsible for managing the process toward the University’s successful conversion to semester in fall 2003. In January 2004, Professor Pantalone returned to the D’Amore-McKim School of Business where she again served as associate dean for undergraduate programs and then returned to the finance faculty.