• PhD, Bond University
  • Master of Accounting, Bond University
  • Bachelor of Business, Griffith University

Trotman’s research interests are in the auditing and corporate governance areas. Trotman conducts research on the effect of audit standards on auditor and audit committee decision-making and behaviors, auditor professional skepticism, the judgment and decision-making quality of corporate governance and financial reporting stakeholders, and the role of accountants in corporate social responsibility.

Trotman teaches Corporate Financial Reporting in the MS-MBA program, and Financial Accounting & Reporting in the undergraduate program.

Trotman is a member of the American Accounting Association. He serves on the editorial board of Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, and Issues in Accounting Education.

Selected Publications

  • Kang, Y., M. D. Piercey, and A. J. Trotman. 2019. Does an Audit Judgment Rule Increase or Decrease Auditors’ use of Innovative Audit Procedures. Contemporary Accounting Research. Forthcoming.
  • Trotman, A. J., and K. Duncan. 2018. Internal Audit Quality: Insights from Audit Committees, Management and Internal Auditors. Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice 37 (4): 235-259.
  • Kang, Y., A. J. Trotman, and K. T. Trotman, 2015. The Effect of an Audit Judgment Rule on Audit Committee Members’ Professional Skepticism: The Case of Accounting Estimates. Accounting, Organizations & Society 46: 59-76.
  • Trotman, A. J., Trotman, K. T. (2015) Internal Audit’s Role in GHG Emissions and Energy Reporting: Evidence from Audit Committees, Senior Accountants and Internal Auditors. Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice, 34(1) 199-230.

Research & Teaching Interests

Trotman’s research interests are in the judgment and decision-making area, pertaining to auditing, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. Trotman teaches undergraduate Financial Accounting and Reporting.

Services to the Profession

Trotman serves as an editorial board member for Issues in Accounting Education, an American Accounting Association journal. Trotman also reviews for Behavioral Research in Accounting and Accounting Horizons.

Awards & Recognition

  • The International Audit and Assurance Standards Board, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, and the International Association for Accounting Education and Research – Informing the IAASB Standard-Setting Process research project grant (2016)
  • Foundation for Audit Research – research project grant (2016)
  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand – research project grant (2014)
  • Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Award, The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation (2012)
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) (2011-2013)