In a fascinating interview with BostInno, Northeastern's Jean C. Tempel Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fernando Suarez, describes his rich background in education innovation and private entrepreneurship and his plans for D'Amore-McKim School of Business. Along the way, Suarez articulates what is special about studying in Boston.

“One of Boston's characteristics that always surprises people who come here to study our economic success is the breadth of industries in which Boston is a leading player despite the relatively small size of the city,” Suarez says.

“Having said that,” he continues, “it is clear that Boston has developed a significant footprint and advantage in several industries, such as software, robotics, and biotechnology. It's interesting that many of these industries have the potential to disrupt other, more traditional industries…This is to say that I expect Boston to continue to offer student entrepreneurs plenty of opportunity to make a difference in the world.”