Nidhi Mehta, DMSB'21, may only be a freshman, but she has already accomplished many life goals, including learning five languages, making it to the Base Camp of Mount Everest and achieving the Duke of Edinburgh's International gold level award. Now, she looks forward to something simple, watching snow fall for the first time in Boston.

Mehta's trekking of Mount Everest was an opportunity offered by her school at the time, challenging students to map their own way up the mountain, keeping in mind inclement weather and other physical roadblocks.

While on the trek, Mehta and her group took an unplanned trip to a working monastery where they were able to witness monks chanting. During a climb up Kala Patthar, a landmark on the southern ridge of the Himalayas, the group was forced to turn back due to an incoming blizzard, a moment Mehta took as a learning experience.

“Just because you couldn't do it the first time, you may think you're a failure in the moment, but don't think like that because you can focus that energy else­where,” she said. “Failure just makes you stronger.”

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