Q:How is the D’Amore-McKim Corporate Residency different from a traditional student internship or work study?

A:At Lindt USA, corporate residents are given the full advantage of both skills, development, and career opportunities. As they work on defined projects that impact the organization, the residents meet weekly with managers for valuable feedback as the progress of each project is evaluated. In addition, the corporate residents meet directly with other managers and peers to gain a cross-functional understanding of the company. Plus, the residents gain extraordinary executive insight when they sit down for a group meeting with the President and CEO of Lindt USA.

As a highly valued and preferred university partner, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business consistently brings mature, career-minded individuals to Lindt USA. During our corporate residency program, these students contribute to meaningful, defined projects as they make an immediate impact on our business. That often leads to full-time career opportunities following graduation.

Q:How do our corporate residents bring short-term and long-term value and impact to your organization?

A:Long-term, the ultimate goal is for Lindt USA to offer full-time career opportunities to these highly committed and talented students upon graduation. D’Amore-McKim is a highly valued and preferred university partner of Lindt USA, and we find the students to be mature, career-minded individuals with the talent to make an immediate impact on our business.