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“I am someone who learns best by a hands-on model so the decision to enroll in a program that not only educates me but gives me an opportunity to apply what I've learned in the corporate residency made the decision a no-brainer.” – Lindsey Hoffman, MBA'18

“No other university offered a comparable option that would enable a career-switcher like myself to gain 6 months to a year of applicable work experience while at the same time working towards the completion of an MBA.” – Kwesi Adarkwa, MBA'18

“With my MBA in hand I can confidently apply to challenging and exciting marketing roles in a management capacity.” – Zola Coleman, MBA'17

“Coming from a legal background, I am used to looking at things in terms of black and white: what the rule says and how the facts align with the rule. The MBA program has enabled me to look beyond rules or what is already defined and seek innovative solutions beyond the judgement of right or wrong in the traditional sense.” – Dola Dhar, MBA'18

“I choose D'Amore-McKim because it was a good fit for a career changer like myself,” says Whitney Galusha, MBA'17, “it gave me the MBA experience while also offering a longer term corporate residency than other programs.”

“The Graduate Career Center is there to fully support you in your career search. The access that you are given to local executives through scheduled luncheons, weekly events on campus and at company sites, and guest speakers is incredible,” says Michelle Mandino, MBA'18.

“I gained tremendous experience and made a name for myself at a highly reputable firm, who sponsored me for an H-1B. A dream come true!” – Andréane Bolduc, MBA'17

“D'Amore-McKim does a fantastic job of exposing students to a wide range of subjects and lessons in the first year that help shed light on where you want to concentrate moving forward, and things you may not have known coming in.” – Hannah Barresi, MBA'18

Stephanie Doyon, MBA'18, shares her experience as a new full-time MBA student while balancing her life as a triathlete.

“For career changers and career progressors alike, the MBA marketing concentration gives a holistic understanding of business while providing the flexibility in honing in on specific marketing skills,” says Crystal Burey, MBA'17.