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An MBA alumnus with a finance focus, Shah says, “The courses at D'Amore-McKim are holistic with a good balance between class and practical experience.”

Quill, who was focused on Entrepreneurship during her time in the Full-Time MBA program, says, “If you are looking for a program that challenges you to think far beyond the context of a textbook while empowering you with the resources, know-how, and experience to succeed beyond the walls of a classroom, then D'Amore-McKim is where you should be.”

“Through the training and practices in MBA courses,” says Feng, “I was able to apply my past experiences and skills to my new field and role. These skills have strengthened, and served me well as I find my way toward my career goal.”

“After the MBA at Northeastern, you will be ready to understand business challenges in a global way and tackle them from a holistic perspective,” says Aranzazu,”the MBA will give me the tools I need in order to achieve my long-term goals.”

“I chose D'Amore-McKim because of its corporate residency program that gave me real-world experience for sufficient time for me to understand roles and responsibilities,” Gaines says.

“I am someone who learns best by a hands-on model so the decision to enroll in a program that not only educates me but gives me an opportunity to apply what I've learned in the corporate residency made the decision a no-brainer,” says Hoffman.

“No other university offered a comparable option that would enable a career-switcher like myself to gain 6 months to a year of applicable work experience while at the same time working towards the completion of an MBA,” says Adarkwa.

“With my MBA in hand I can confidently apply to challenging and exciting marketing roles in a management capacity,” says Coleman.

Dhar focused on supply chain management and did her residency at Raytheon. She says, “Coming from a legal background, I am used to looking at things in terms of black and white: what the rule says and how the facts align with the rule. The MBA program has enabled me to look beyond rules or what is already defined and seek innovative solutions beyond the judgement of right or wrong in the traditional sense.”

“I choose D'Amore-McKim because it was a good fit for a career changer like myself,” says Galusha, “it gave me the MBA experience while also offering a longer term corporate residency than other programs.”