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“The professor would guide us and open up new ways of thinking” says Malila.

Nineteen D'Amore-McKim School of Business students recently received 2017 Excellence in Cooperative Education Awards.

“With my MBA in hand I can confidently apply to challenging and exciting marketing roles in a management capacity,” says Coleman.

“D'Amore-McKim School of Business helped me develop into an all-round entrepreneur, channeling my strengths to harnessing my ambition more productively” says Singh.

“I'm a Venture Coach… In the IDEA program, we help entrepreneurs do product validation, prepare a business plan, pitch their idea, and think as an entrepreneur” says Gomes.

“During the Certificate Program I was able to develop my networking and open my mind regarding the international business dynamics; I can say that I apply the knowledge I had during the Certificate on my work” says Tanaka.

“Between the relationships I shared with my professors, my classes, and the real-world work I had completed, my master's degree really informed my career trajectory,” Lee says.

Dhar focused on supply chain management and did her residency at Raytheon. She says, “Coming from a legal background, I am used to looking at things in terms of black and white: what the rule says and how the facts align with the rule. The MBA program has enabled me to look beyond rules or what is already defined and seek innovative solutions beyond the judgement of right or wrong in the traditional sense.”

“I choose D'Amore-McKim because it was a good fit for a career changer like myself,” says Galusha, “it gave me the MBA experience while also offering a longer term corporate residency than other programs.”

“The Graduate Career Center is there to fully support you in your career search. The access that you are given to local executives through scheduled luncheons, weekly events on campus and at company sites, and guest speakers is incredible,” says Mandino.