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“You'll never regret getting your MBA because it's one of the most valuable things you can do for your future,” says Nimar.

“If having a strong relationship with your advisors is important to you, D'Amore-McKim is a clear choice,” says Tan.

“One of the primary skills I have learned while at D'Amore-McKim is the ability to apply lessons from other industries into my day to day business,” says Walch.

“With an engineering undergraduate degree, the MBA program has shown me new ways to look at difficult problems and provided me the opportunity to be looked at as a leader to guide other engineers and coworkers to accomplish these problems,” says Sachenik.

“The professors are engaging and bring unique perspectives to the classroom,” says Charles, “learning from the expertise of professors and the relevant course content has been most valuable.”

“I've had a few different jobs since starting the MBA program. Each role has given me more responsibility and is directly related to how far into the program I've gone,” says Sanichara.

“The University offers great resources to help students achieve their career goals, like the professionals at the career development center who help with resume building and the job search” says Lima.

“D'Amore-McKim has a much wider range of options for degree programs than the standard binary choice of either a Part-Time or Full-Time MBA,” says Maybury.

“I developed critical thinking through class discussions of case studies which helps me in my current role as an operations manager at a startup company,” says Singh.

“I sharpened my ability to think critically about high-level problems facing different types of companies, and the impact that they have on not only the primary consumer but further through the supply chain.”