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Professor Joe Raelin explains why leadership is more than the heroics of a single leader, that it occurs within a set of practices, and that learning about leadership will require a shift from leader development to leadership development.

Professor Wertheim explores the prisoner's dilemma in the context of important policy deliberations.

Professor Timothy Hoff examines the benefits of strong doctor-patient relationships and what the weakening of those ties means for health care in general.

Associate Teaching Professor Martin Dias discusses the leadership and logistical challenges Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has faced and lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey community resilience efforts.

Associate Professor Edward Wertheim examines the differences between President Trump's public and private negotiating strategies.

Associate Professor Bert Spector examines President Trump's recent inaugural cabinet meeting as an example of how leadership personality and meeting style can impact overall organization function.

Associate Professor Bert Spector shares his thoughts on leadership strategy in the Trump administration.

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizational Development Parker Ellen examines how the types of relationships that leaders form can impact employee attitude and behavior.

Professor Timothy Hoff discusses why primary care providers could see an increase in group medical visits.

Executive Professor of Management Barbara Larson shares ways to improve remote working conditions.