“D'Amore-McKim students' diverse backgrounds and varied skill sets enrich our team dynamic, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to problem-solving. Overall, their global mindset enhances our organization's effectiveness and adaptability to evolving challenges and opportunities.”

Competitive haste raises questions about safe development of the technology. Explore the issues with this dean's case study

Financial Times

Helena Gilbert-Snyder graduated with a business degree from D'Amore-McKim School of Business and credits Northeastern for preparing her “for life after college.”


Economists have long predicted the rise of Asia as a powerhouse in the global economy. Transitioning from its initial role primarily as a low-cost manufacturing center for the West, Asia has recently shifted towards innovation, establishing itself as a leader that challenges old stereotypes.

Northeastern University alumni, CEM Board member and former executive vice president at American Tower Corporation, Ed Disanto, instilled wisdom in the 2024 graduating class at the Bachelor's and Master's graduation ceremonies for Northeastern's College of Professional Studies on May 8, 2024.

College of Professional Studies Masters of Science Celebration

Think the workplace brings mothers nothing but guilt and stress? Think again.


CEM is thrilled to recognize seven students and one student club as Spring 2024 recipients of our Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets. These students, representing four different schools and colleges at Northeastern University, will all pursue innovative research and field projects over the next year to solve pressing social, technological, economic, and health-related problems around the world, from Kenya, to Ecuador, to Ghana, to Lebanon.

Tesla recently fired members of the team responsible for expanding its Supercharger network. A Northeastern business expert says it may be a good thing.


As a Fall 2023 recipient of the Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets, Saraïna Ulysse, a third-year Public Health student at Northeastern University, has spent the past four months making critical contributions to improving community health education efforts in Baringo County, Kenya.

For a healthier and happier career, know what aspects of your career are within your control and which aren't.