“I chose the D'Amore-McKim MBA because of its strong Corporate Residency program and the opportunity to spend this time of my life in Boston, which many consider the Medical Mecca of the world. I have been in healthcare my entire life and the chance to be surrounded by some of my childhood heroes—the minds that are shaping the future of healthcare—was a dream opportunity,” says Butler.

“I went into the program unsure of my professional career path, but by the time I came out I was more confident in myself; more confident in that my career path was certain,” says Tom Kniola, MBA'15.

As a Supply Chain Management concentrator, Acker did his corporate residency at Raytheon. “I reported directly to a Vice President and was often asked to present to his boss, a member of the Senior Leadership Team,” he says.

“I would recommend the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. It gives you insight. It's like a cradle of innovation for new ways of thinking,” says Moses.

Julian Jung and Christopher Wolfel, both D'Amore-McKim graduates in 2013, have made BetaBoston's “most innovative people under 25” list for 2015.

Fernando Suarez, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, highlights the importance of exposure to international innovation industries, how he plans to help D'Amore-McKim, and Boston's unique opportunities.

“Innovation can be uncomfortable as it shakes up the existing ways of doing things—but it is essential in the long-term success of a company.” says, Cook

Recognizing Northeastern's excellence in student-driven entrepreneurship, the Deshpande Foundation has given the Center for Entrepreneurship Education the 2015 “Excellence in Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship” award.

Northeastern's Women who Inspire Speaker Series continued Tuesday night with a panel discussion featuring three financial services leaders.

“The MSI program provided a set of tools that I can depend on to react to unpredictable changes or be on top of predictable changes in the industry.” says, Biswas