About Me

Hometown: Bedford, MA
Current Position: Grant Administrator II at McLean Hospital
Previous University: Fairfield University
Undergraduate Degree: Economics and Finance
Q: What was the motivation behind pursuing an MBA to change careers?

A: I started my career in the wealth management industry, looking to combine a background in economics and finance with a desire to help people with my work. I learned an immense amount and enjoyed my experience in that field, but I also knew that I had a strong interest in healthcare as well. As time went on, my curiosity around a career in healthcare management only increased. As I made the decision to migrate industries, I quickly realized that furthering my education would help me be successful. This made me eager to explore MBA programs that specialized in the business side of healthcare. In addition to this element, I also wanted to widen my perspective of the business world. I knew that pursuing an MBA with a concentration in healthcare management would allow me to continue learning while transitioning into a new industry. 

Q: Why did you choose Northeastern's Part-Time MBA program?

A: When deciding between MBA programs, I didn't want to put my career on hold in order to be able to continue my education. I wanted the opportunity to pair together work and education, instead of having to sacrifice one for the other. That's when I found the Part-Time MBA program at D'Amore-McKim. This program offers a wide variety of concentrations that I did not find with other MBA programs. That flexibility made it possible for me to have concentrations in both healthcare management and entrepreneurship; a crucial component of pursuing my career goals. Another enticing factor of Northeastern's program is its vast and engaged alumni network within not only the business school, but also the entire university community. This is a crucial element for any business school program, and a clear advantage of joining Northeastern.

Q: What is your current role today, and what are some of your responsibilities?

A: Currently, I manage the business components of research studies, such as clinical trials, at McLean Hospital. Given my time in the wealth management industry and desire to make a positive impact, I wanted to leverage my financial knowledge within the healthcare industry. As a renowned mental health institution and a Harvard Medical School affiliate, at McLean I am able to use my skills to aid industry leading studies. Specifically, this entails strategic planning and operational efforts for projects funded through grants, partnerships, and philanthropic charities. I assist in managing the finances, contracts, and long-term planning, all while working side-by-side with the top researchers in the country. It's been an incredible opportunity to help these researchers solve and anticipate business-related issues that may surface. Overall, Northeastern's program has helped me to build the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in this role.

Q: How has your MBA helped you in your job?

A: The Part-Time MBA program has definitely taught me skills that I've been able to directly utilize in my job each day. One example is a course I took which centered around effectively managing people and organizations. The class taught from both micro and macro levels, showing us how individuals think and operate when part of a team. Each element focused on how to leverage the knowledge to encourage people to work together in the most effective way. It was a helpful class because working in teams is an integral part of my current position. The course helped me dig into both the functions of different team styles as well as coordinating individuals into successful collaborations.  

Q: What are your future goals?

A: In addition to my interest in healthcare management, I also have a passion for the entrepreneurial side of business. I am consistently drawn to the excitement that comes from starting a new project. Down the line, I hope to be involved in this aspect of business development and innovation, either as an entrepreneur myself or as a catalyst to a new venture. Northeastern's MBA program has not only given me additional expertise and knowledge of the healthcare industry itself, but also the skillset to understand how to start and grow a successful business. Ultimately, I'd like to blend healthcare and entrepreneurship together and embark upon a venture that helps patients to receive the care they need and deserve.

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