This post originally appeared on Northeastern Global News. It was published by Beth Treffeisen.

Northeastern graduate Danny Walsh's, COE'15, MBA'18, love of coffee has sent him down a journey he never expected to take. 

After watching health-conscious people continue to endure chalky flavored powders and pills to supplement their daily nutrition, Walsh believed there was a better way. By combining his love for coffee and being healthy, he created the mushroom-infused Peak State Coffee

“We make amazing coffee that has health benefits,” Walsh says. “When you're drinking your morning cup, you're getting even more out of that routine—brain health, immunity support and stress balance—all while drinking an uncompromising cup of coffee.”

The company infuses organic whole coffee beans with extracts of mushrooms such as adaptogen reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps and chaga. The patented process makes the coffee boost the body's immunity through added antioxidants. It's also less acidic due to how the coffee is grown and roasted, and supports gut-healthy prebiotics. 

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