About Minwoo

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Current Position(s): Marketing Strategist, Pillar Foundation International (Nonprofit); Cofounder, Anemhoi Inc. (Startup)
Previous University: Catholic University of Korea
Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration and English Literature
Q: As a student in the MS in International Management program at Northeastern, why did you decide to pursue the Graduate Certificate in International Business first?

A: After my undergraduate degree, I wanted to diversify my business knowledge so I could pursue my professional goal of working in marketing. Because I had no prior experience studying abroad, I decided to begin my postgraduate education with the four-course graduate certificate program. I was confident this program would help me get acclimated to the U.S education system at my own pace. The graduate certificate program also served as a good transition to a master's degree program. I had the option to add-on six more courses after the completion of my graduate certificate degree to earn a master's degree.

After researching various options, I decided Northeastern would be the best fit because of its diverse and welcoming community. I wanted to be at a university where I could interact with and learn from peers with perspectives and experiences that differ from mine. I've always been interested in learning about various cultures, and I'm glad I have the chance to do this at Northeastern.

Q: After completing your graduate certificate, why did you decide to pursue Optional Practical Training?

A: Through the graduate certificate program, I developed a growth mindset. I wanted to keep learning, so I decided to gain tangible work experience in the U.S. I knew it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of OPT, which I was eligible to apply for after the completion of the graduate certificate program. With the assistance of my career advisor at Northeastern, I applied for various marketing internships.

During my year of OPT, I interned at two different companies. At both internships, I worked in brand marketing by leveraging social media. I was able to learn how to utilize market research to bridge the gap between companies and their consumers. My second internship was with Pillar Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with international collaborators to create equal opportunities for young people globally. At the end of this internship, I was offered a full-time Marketing Strategist position. I loved the team, and I was ecstatic about their vision of creating a more equitable society, so I was glad to accept the offer. I will work there for the entirety of my second OPT experience after completing my master's degree, and possibly in the future.

Q: Why did you hope to gain in your pursuit of an MS in International Management, and how has the program been beneficial to you?

A: I applied to the MS in International Management while I was completing my year of OPT. The process of applying my credits from the graduate certificate to the master's degree program was seamless. After a year in the graduate certificate program, I felt prepared to take advanced master's classes that would enhance my knowledge of international marketing and branding even further.

This year, during my time in the MS in International Management program, I co-founded a tech company. I met my co-founders on StartHawk, a co-founder search platform. Our mission is to create a transportation platform that connects small aircraft owners to private flyers. On this team, I'm working on product design and growth marketing. This program has been beneficial to me because I have been able to enrich my cultural agility and prepare myself to collaborate with international organizations. I'm happy I am developing the expertise I need to excel in my new role at Pillar Foundation and my current role at Anemhoi.

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