As the price of healthcare continues to rise, with a projected 2016 healthcare tab of $10,000 per person, many healthcare providers and subscribers are trying to find the least expensive plan that affords the best care possible. In his recent research “The Health­care Pro­fes­sional Work­force: Under­standing Human Cap­ital in a Changing Industry”, published in The British Journal of Healthcare, Timothy Hoff found that healthcare employees are collaborating with one another to provide better, more affordable care.

“This team-​​based approach is still a work in progress,” says Hoff, “but the goal is to increase effi­ciency and deliver higher quality care within a com­pressed time frame.”

This new system calls for medical professionals such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners to have a greater role in the medical field, taking on more responsibility than before. By doing so, nurses will perform some duties a doctor once performed, while their medical assistants take on some of their tasks in return.

“There simply aren't enough physi­cians to pro­vide all the care,” Hoff explains. “To make up for that, other health­care pro­fes­sionals are being exposed to better training in school and then being given a chance to do more com­plex work.”

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