Partnering with local Asian restaurants, Mash Pham, DMSB'17, launched MoMoLunchBox, a startup that delivers Asian cuisine to lunchtime customers who live within three miles of campus.

“We really care about quality,” said Pham. “We pick the best restaurants in the area to partner with, so when customers order from us, they know our brand and trust the food quality.”

Customers place their orders online by 8 p.m. in order to receive their food by noon the next day. MoMo LunchBox sells lunches that range in price from $8-$11 and include different meat choices. Snacks can also be ordered, such as a Hong Kong style creamy bun.

Pham credits social media with helping him create MoMo LunchBox, enticing new users to try his service using picture perfect Instagrams and foodie blogging.

“I started thinking about how we could help the Northeastern community,” said Pham, who's spent the past eight months meeting with the owners of local Asian restaurants, taste-testing their food, and establishing business partnerships with them.

MoMo now accepts up to 40 orders per day. Check it out!