This post originally appeared on Northeastern Global News. It was published by Tanner Stening.

Northeastern's annual Huntington 100 event saw another class of all-star students join an elite coterie of current and soon-to-be alumni, who together have made an indelible impact on the university through their work.   

“It's not easy to be a member of the Huntington 100,” Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern, said at the kickoff of Tuesday's ceremony, adding that being picked to be part of the exclusive group is “about your values.”

“That you represent Northeastern's values,” he continued. “And it's about leadership. Now you have a responsibility to uphold these values wherever you are.”

This year, there were more than 1,300 students nominated by faculty, staff, advisers, coaches, employers and other students—the most ever in the program's 17-year history.

D'Amore-McKim School of Business Students named to this year's Huntington 100 List:

  1. Sakshi Agarwal, DMSB'23
  2. Kristine Aleksandrovica, DMSB'23
  3. Chidima Asikaburu, DMSB'23
  4. Grace Aulisa, DMSB'23
  5. Aaisha Balakrishnan, DMSB'23
  6. Sofia Churkin, DMSB'23
  7. Debpriya Das, DMSB'23
  8. Nicholas Davis, DMSB'24
  9. Daniel Elahi, DMSB'23
  10. Ihunaya Eluwa, DMSB'25
  11. Cory Gill, DMSB'23
  12. Cameron Glynn, DMSB'23
  13. Esha Jain, DMSB'23
  14. Jennifer James, DMSB'23
  15. Aidan McDonough, DMSB'23
  16. Mary O'Neil, DMSB'23
  17. Abisola Olaogun, DMSB'23
  18. Stacey Pablo Hernandez, DMSB'23
  19. Aashka Pandya, DMSB'23
  20. Audrey Shing, DMSB'23
  21. Caroline Thibault, DMSB'23
  22. Sirui Tian, DMSB'24

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