About Ravneet

Hometown: Somerville, MA  
Previous Degree: Biomedical Engineering 
Previous University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute  

Q: Why did you decide to pursue your MBA? 

A: I've always wanted to pursue my graduate education. While working at Boston Children's Hospital, I became interested in data analytics and loved telling stories through numbers. However, I wanted to gain a broader understanding of business outside of data analysis.  

I wanted to work full-time while pursuing my MBA, and the D'Amore-McKim Part-Time MBA gave me the flexibility I needed to do that, while applying what I was learning in real-time.  

Q: Tell me about your Washington, D.C. residency. What was that experience like? 

A: I spent five days in Washington, D.C. for an intensive elective course and joined a cohort of MBA students from across the nation to focus on the intersection of business and government. I worked on a team project to create a new healthcare bill and developed an action plan for it to pass legislation. I built many valuable connections learning from my senior classmates.  

We had a chance to meet policy makers and leaders from several sections within the healthcare industry ranging from research, public policy, non-profit advisors, and more. It was impactful to hear from healthcare experts in Washington who are making critical policies and decisions that ultimately impact patient care.  

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, so seeing national healthcare issues addressed on a macro level was fascinating. I had limited experience in the policy side of healthcare prior to the Washington, D.C. Residency. Now, I have a broadened perspective of the entire healthcare industry, which is extremely valuable. 

Q: How did the Washington, D.C. Residency boost your network? 

A: A robust network allows you to build connections, gain perspective, and discover new opportunities. Although it can be nerve-wracking at first, building your network will make a difference in the trajectory of your career. I connected with many people through this opportunity that I'd otherwise never meet, simply due to location differences. Networking is a lifelong skill; and this residency created the perfect environment for me to grow. 

Q: How has your MBA impacted your current career? 

A: Earning my MBA has made me a more curious learner. I constantly ask “why” until I reach the root cause or key factor of an issue. My MBA also made me a more strategic thinker and provided me with the knowledge I needed to improve the way I ask questions and reach solutions. For example, now that I understand the financial aspects of healthcare my eyes are open to see how to solve important healthcare inequities. 

Q: What advice do you have for future students? 

A: Organizational and time management skills will be your most significant assets when earning your master's degree. An MBA requires a great deal of commitment, especially while working full-time, so communicate with your company or manager about the flexibility you might need. Employers understand that pursuing an MBA is demanding and a significant commitment that benefits you both. Although it can be challenging to find balance, D'Amore-McKim's MBA offers the flexibility you'll need to build and strengthen your personal and professional skills. These will benefit you in the future, for which I am grateful.