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The Huntington 100 embody the mission, ideals, and values of Northeastern.

Sponsored by the Office of Student Life, the Huntington 100 honors outstanding students for achievements which are commensurate with the university's mission, ideals, values, and Academic Plan. These students represent what Northeastern is today – a selective institution with rigorous academic programs and a sharp focus on the global experience.

In 2013, the 100 Most Influential Seniors program was rebranded as the Huntington 100, honoring distinguished juniors and seniors. Today the program recognizes outstanding students from all class years (including graduate students and law students) and all Northeastern campuses for their achievements.

Each cohort of students is an incredible testament to the high ambition and achievement found in the Northeastern student body.

Recipients are chosen for their: impact on the campus community, record of service, global engagement, demonstrated leadership, enterpreneurial or innovative spirit, commitment to a high level of ideals and ability to positively represent the values of Northeastern.

Once inducted, Alumni Relations keeps members of the Huntington 100 active within the Northeastern community by offering opportunities to connect with each other and the university.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Saranya Agrawal, DMSB'22
  • Luis Eduardo Carvalho de Oliveira, DMSB'22
  •  Mark Choa, DMSB'22
  • Adrien Coen, DMSB'22
  • Tyler Fohrman, DMSB'23
  • Khailah Griffin, DMSB'22
  • Jordan Harris, DMSB'22
  • Ariel Kaplan, DMSB'22
  •  Nitya Kedia, DMSB'23
  • Amil Khattar, DMSB'22
  • Jack McKim, DMSB'22
  • Myles O'Leary, DMSB'22
  • Nicolette Simitian, DMSB'22
  • Michael Suh, DMSB'22