Harper Vickery, DMSB'20, has always been a foodie. As a third-year international business major, Vickery combined her love of business and food into a co-op at Strega, a Boston-based restaurant and café line.

Last year, Vickery began working with D'Amore-McKim School of Business Assistant Marketing Professor Daniele Mathras on research that examined food as a means for social change. This ultimately led her to her first co-op.

“For this to be both my first co-op and the first one ever for Strega—that's really exciting,” Vickery said.

Vickery wears many hats at Strega, including social media campaign planner, food photographer, and menu analyst.

As part of the parent company, the Varano Group, Vickery works on many different aspects of the industry, including within the restaurant and café line, as well as practicing her Italian language skills with the chefs, which has since become her the subject of her minor at Northeastern.

“She's engaging, she's got a tremendous personality. She's one of those people who, if you give her something to do, she'll take it on from start to finish without needing a lot of guidance,” said Malcolm Wooff, chief financial officer of the Varano Group. “Harper typifies that Northeastern work ethic.”

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