Ben Bungert and Annika Morgan, both DMSB'16, will deliver the 2016 undergraduate commencement speech together on May 6, at TD Garden, ending their academic careers as they essentially started, with each other.

They met in the Entrepreneurs Club during their second year when the role of co-director of the Entrepreneurship Immersion Program transitioned between the two. Since then, they have worked nearly inseparably, and their friendship has only grown.

Both play a prominent role in the school's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Bungert is the president of the Entrepreneur's Club and Morgan is the Altschuler-Meyer CEO of IDEA, Northeastern's student-run venture accelerator. These roles have facilitated their involvement with Mosaic and other campus initiatives, and have established connections with student leaders at other universities.

The theme of their commencement speech will be centered around thinking outside the box and developing in a range of roles, whether it be through co-op, student clubs or through personal initiatives.

“North­eastern expects and pushes stu­dents to do things that aren't tra­di­tional,” Bungert said.

Added Morgan: “We do things dif­fer­ently at Northeastern.” 

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