About Me

Hometown: Nagpur, India
Current Position: Senior Associate, Ernst u0026amp; Young
Previous University: Boston University
Undergraduate Degree: Business administration
Q: What was your background before you entered the MS in Finance program?

A:  I have a degree in Business Administration and Management, with a concentration in Finance and Business law. I also did some internships during my undergrad program, including a marketing internship at The Walt Disney Company India and a hardcore finance internship at J.P. Morgan in Mumbai.

The J.P. Morgan internship was with the Asset Management team and focused on hedge fund and private equity valuations. The internship helped me realize how much I would enjoy a finance career. It also gave me insight and perspective into the hours I would keep, the kind of work I would be doing, and how I would be spending my time if I decided to pursue a career in Finance.

Q: What were you looking for in a graduate degree?

A: I wanted to pursue a career in Corporate Finance, but my undergrad degree had just four classes in finance, so I wasn't really prepared to enter the workforce. I also knew I needed a stronger skillset to navigate such a dynamic and competitive industry. I therefore wanted to be part of a rigorous finance program that would challenge me and help me develop personally and professionally.

Q: Speaking of entrepreneurship, you volunteered as a coach for student startups. What was that like?

A: Northeastern's IDEA is a student-led venture accelerator that helps startups in different stages of business—most are college students who are trying to build their own companies. I helped a couple of them with finance, but because of the strength of my undergraduate degree, I was also coaching them on marketing strategies, product development, and other things. It was a fantastic experience.

Q: How did the MS in Finance degree help you in your work in corporate finance?

A: I work as a Senior Associate on the Valuation, Modeling, and Economics team at Ernst & Young in Boston. My corporate finance and valuation classwork really helped me build a solid knowledge base that applies directly to what I do every day. All the class projects were actually applicable to real world: creating an equity valuation report, working on a startup business model plan, and conducting statistical analysis—all these experiences to date inform the work I currently do.

Q: What advice would you give prospective students?

A: Lots of international students think it's too tough for them to get jobs in the United States. While the current times are challenging, the industry will always be competitive, so giving up is not an option.  It's really about putting in the effort and creating your own opportunities. Explore the breadth of events, classes, and experiences Northeastern has to offer. Start your job search as soon as you enter the program, use the resources available at the Graduate Career Center, and leverage LinkedIn. I filled out lots of applications and never gave up hope of finding my dream job. That's how I got my job at Ernst & Young.

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