The Fetch My Pet iPhone app, founded by Adam Jackowitz, DMSB'10, enables pet owners to care for their animals in one digital space, letting them track medical records, find insurance, search for local groomers and even buy treats and other items.

Jackowitz founded the app in May with his two business partners. The trio hope to grow the app's user base, raise $500,000 in venture capital fundin,g and develop the platform for Android.

“It's a way to manage every aspect of your pet's life,” he said.

The app's parent company, Fetch Labs, has formed partnerships with more than 12 pet industry brands, including Loyal Canine, The Farmers Dog and DOGTV.

Jackowitz, a marketing major, had two co-op experiences while at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, including Lexington Insurance Company and John Hancock Financial Services.

“Co-op trained me to be confident in communicating with executives at established companies,” said Jackowitz. “When we were forming our reputation, it was crucial that we took care to convey our message perfectly.”

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