D'Amore-McKim School of Business Professors Ruth V. Aguilera and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra have been named Academy of International Business (AIB) fellows, a prestigious group of less than 100 active members contributing to the advancement and development of the international business field. 

Considered the leading association of international business scholars and specialists, AIB consists of more than 3,000 members in 85 different countries. And with the naming of Cuervo-Cazurra and Aguilera, D'Amore-McKim School of Business now has three prominent faculty members serving as fellows for the academy. 

Professor Ravi Ramamurti, who founded and directs Northeastern's Center for Emerging Markets, was named a fellow in 2008. His involvement with AIB spans more than 20 years, including his time in both academia and in various research ventures.

“It really elevates the visibility of Northeastern having three AIB fellows and depicts D'Amore-McKim as one of the top institutions at which to develop research and teach international business,” said Aguilera.

Aguilera and Cuervo-Cazurra are originally from Spain and are frequent collaborators. They are currently co-editing a special issue for the Journal of World Business on “Multilatinas;” that is, multinational firms emanating from Latin America.

Aguilera teaches courses on international business and corporate governance. Her many research interests include global strategy, organization studies, and economic sociology. In particular, she studies comparative corporate governance, corporate sustainability, and firm internalization processes.

“Corporate governance is at the core of changing firms for the better, as well as identifying, understanding and assessing problems to come up with solutions; particularly as they relate to firms competing in a global arena and with increasing disclosure requirements,” said Aguilera.

Aguilera's development of theories related to comparative corporate governance and empirical applications, as well as similar framework extensions, is a noted scholarly application of her work. Her prolific research has been published in top scholarly journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, and Strategic Management Journal, among others. She serves on the Strategic Management Society board and belongs to seven editorial boards for top management and international business journals. Her research has been showcased in the Financial Times. Aguilera is a senior editor at Organization Science, consulting editor at Journal of International Business Studies, associate editor at Corporate Governance: An International Review, and guest editor at Journal of World Business

“My current editorial service to the field is a huge time commitment and a great responsibility,” said Aguilera.

Cuervo-Cazurra currently teaches courses on global strategy and sustainability. His main analysis focuses on the internationalization of companies with a concentration in multinational emerging markets. He is also interested in serious issues governments face such as corruption, technology capabilities, and capability upgrading.

“The focus of my work has evolved over the years from corporate governance to the upgrading of capabilities to internationalization. I have learned to appreciate the intelligence and ability of managers in making decisions with limited information and ensuring that their companies stay competitive,” said Cuervo-Cazurra.

Cuervo-Cazurra has published extensively in renowned academic journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Research Policy, and Strategic Management Journal. In addition, he is the reviewing editor of the Journal of International Business Studies, with past guest editorial board positions at the Global Strategy Journal and Journal of World Business. Cuervo-Cazurra has co-authored two research books on emerging multinational markets: “Emerging Market Multinationals: Managing Operational Challenges for Sustained International Growth” and “Understanding Multinationals from Emerging Markets,” the latter of which was co-written with Ramamurti.He is also the current chair of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management.

“Although most of my research is academic in nature, it is based in conversations and interactions I have held with managers,” said Cuervo-Cazurra. “I am interested in doing research that not only has an impact on other researchers but that also leads to better decisions.”