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“I can say from personal experience that Northeastern University's Veterans Affairs office is very helpful to veterans” says Yongo.

“D'Amore-McKim has helped me develop a “big picture” outlook, and aided me in seeing business as a collaborative effort,” says Murray.

“I developed critical thinking through class discussions of case studies which helps me in my current role as an operations manager at a startup company,” says Singh.

“I sharpened my ability to think critically about high-level problems facing different types of companies, and the impact that they have on not only the primary consumer but further through the supply chain.”

“There is also an international student body, which will be helpful in my future business career and opportunities with other alums,” says Ngwana.

“Northeastern University is a very good playground for networking. I was really surprised to meet people in my classes from large and global companies,” says Uvasheva, “As a result, one of my classmates just gave me an opportunity to come to interview.”

“At D'Amore McKim I have been given access to the world,” says Saraf, “Every class has a new set of people who are accomplished and worldly. My graduate certificate program gave me the opportunity to develop soft skills on a global scale.”

“We were pushed to study companies' supply chains, learn new topics, concepts, and processes by ourselves to be prepared for discussions,” says Karumuru.

“The Supply Chain Management certificate program enabled me to understand the world of logistics so that I can work effectively with my business partners in the logistics space,”says Kane.