“Because Northeastern students are with us during the busy season, they spend most of their time on-site, interacting with our clients. This is a huge advantage. It’s the real thing.”

“Students from the Northeastern MSA/MBA program do so well because liberal arts is part of their education. It’s all about thinking, communicating, and problem-solving..When you combine the technical and soft skills, it results in a really good auditor.”

Each year we celebrate D’Amore-McKim students who have achieved excellence in their cooperative education experiences. Meet the 2020 award recipients.

D’Amore-McKim Professor Curtis Carlson shares how companies want to know you need something before you would by developing strategies in which companies add value to the consumer experience with new innovative products and ideas.

Innovation industry leaders Curt Carlson and Leonard Polizzotto deliver tailored, value creation workshops on a global scale. As professors of practice at D’Amore-McKim, they’re ready to teach you about the value creation system.

The 2019 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Award winner for Small Firms describes what it’s like to cultivate and grow a family-centered firm.

Celebrating Massachusetts Family Business! Winners of the 2019 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards were announced at the 13th annual Awards Program on June 12th, 2019.

Northeastern University Center for Family Business Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized for their exceptional leadership qualities and ability to set an example for future generations of their family business.

Spencer Fung, a Northeastern graduate and trustee, said that companies around the world are seeking to expand their operations beyond China because of the country’s trade war with the United States. But moving operations to other countries is not easy, he warned.

The collaboration between Northeastern University and Adtalem includes the launch of a new certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services. Pictured (l to r): Adtalem Group President of Financial Services Mehul Patel, Adtalem President and CEO Lisa Wardell, and D’Amore-McKim Dunton Family Dean Raj Echambadi.