“As I explored how to break into the field, it became clear that an MBA was what I was looking for — a diverse and multifaceted degree that would equip me with the necessary skills to be a consultant.” says Camille Super, MBA'22

“This experience showed me the true value of experiential learning; there's a significant difference between going to class and hearing about the passing of FDA approval versus being a part of it.” says Priscilla Colon, MBA'22

“I'm about to start a full-time position completely aligned with my career goals. I want to work in sustainability and impact the world. This is just the first step in my career, but it's already in the right direction.” says Malou de Kergret, MBA'22

A full-time MBA program will help launch your career in a relatively short time frame. The length and milestones are outlined here.

“Work consistently towards achieving the goals that you set for yourself. Sometimes you'll feel lost, but you have to believe in yourself. You need to realize that if you've made it to Northeastern University, you definitely have what it takes to succeed in business.” says Sanjay Lote, MBA'21

“Both artificial intelligence and analytics are interesting to me, as computer scientists are naturally drawn to those areas. Understanding how to handle data and knowing how to use it to your advantage—whether by optimizing a process you have within a business, to increase sales, or to improve customer experience—is a skill that I think is unparalleled,” says Javier Rosas-Ruiz, Full-Time MBA‘22

“The combination of my clinical knowledge and business skills opens a lot of doors for me, especially in the healthcare service and biotech/pharmaceutical industry,” says Elizabeth Sally Thomas, Full-Time MBA‘21

“Many other business programs tend to attract people from similar backgrounds. But with D'Amore-McKim, students don't just have finance backgrounds—they're people who've worked with nonprofits, with hospitals, or even the U.S. Army. Everyone here is so different. I think that really helped make me feel at home,” said Y-Lan Nguyen, Full-Time MBA‘21

“If you're going into a new industry like I am, don't be afraid of being uncomfortable because that's a part of the process.” says Irina Zolotnitskaya, MBA'21

“The 360 Huntington Fund was one of the reasons I was so excited to come back to Northeastern. I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply the finance knowledge I was learning in the real world, and that has certainly been true,” says Connor Smith-Subecz MBA'21