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Think the workplace brings mothers nothing but guilt and stress? Think again.


Professor Daniele Mathras recommends embracing a “Rose, Thorn, Bud” framework to share your positive experiences (Rose), your disappointments and vulnerabilities (Thorn) and excitement for the future (Bud).


D'Amore-McKim Distinguished Professor of Paula Caligiuri, explains how corporations can view departure training not as a challenge, but as a strategic asset.


The FTC rule would eliminate a common part of employee contracts for millions in the U.S., one that limits innovation, mobility and wages, experts say.


Sophia Moon said the foundational business skills she learned while earning her MBA gave her “an extra bolster” to help her create Essem Art Studio.


Paula Caligiuri met Andy Palmer on Bumble and the pair realized their romantic connection wasn't as strong as their professional one, so they wrote a book together about taking control of your career.


Since its founding in 2020, the Women in Finance Trek has connected female finance concentrators with alumni while immersing them in the financial services world of New York City.

A June 2024 conference sponsored by D'Amore-McKim aims to help people work smarter, not harder, thanks to the help of AI and solve the world's problems along the way.

David De Cremer was installed as the Dunton Family Dean of the D'Amore-McKim School of Business on March 21, 2024.


“It's a culmination of the work I've been doing throughout college—advocacy and a lot of journalism that started in high school,” says the Business Administration and Communications Studies combined major.