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“This is a new form of cooperative education for the university,” said Christina Jaracz, assistant vice president of corporate partnerships and D'Amore-McKim assistant dean of corporate and professional learning. Designed by Northeastern faculty and ServiceNow, the new degrees and certificates will help U.K. employers fill an immediate demand for skilled digital talent.

D'Amore-McKim Professor Curtis Carlson shares how companies want to know you need something before you would by developing strategies in which companies add value to the consumer experience with new innovative products and ideas.

Innovation industry leaders Curt Carlson and Leonard Polizzotto deliver tailored, value creation workshops on a global scale. As professors of practice at D'Amore-McKim, they're ready to teach you about the value creation system.

“Northeastern is a leader in experiential learning, which is the necessary basis for learning how to be a value creator. They understand that to have a long, productive career in our global innovation economy, value-creation skills are essential,” Carlson says.

Spencer Fung, MS/MBA'96, spoke with us about his role as CEO of Li and Fung, a leading consumer goods company, as well as how his experiences at D'Amore-McKim changed his life.

D'Amore-McKim undergraduate students were awarded third place in the twenty-seventh annual Scotiabank International Case Competition, combining global thought leadership and industry competition to solve real-world business case issues.