Develop your resumé

A resumé is one of the most crucial pieces of a MBA student's successful career path. Created to be concise and communicate personal areas of expertise and accomplishments throughout your career, a resumé should be crafted with your future in mind. As part of the D'Amore-McKim MBA program, students and alumni have access to a range of Career Clips, Lynne's Get to Work blog, and a career manual including guidelines and samples that can aid in resumé writing.

Resumé Requirements

  • Resumés should never exceed two pages and should be kept to one page for those who have seven years or less of experience
  • Resumés should include your name, contact information, summary, core competencies, education, professional experience, professional affiliations or certifications and other similar information.
  • Resumés should be proofread and free of any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Appealing to the reader and easily read, resumés may require different formatting for different applications.
  • Use of key words and action words are essential, as they grab the reader's attention and ensure resumes bypass automated screenings.

Based on feedback from our employer partners, more requirements can be found in our guidelines below.

LinkedIn Requirements

A D'Amore-McKim MBA student or alumnus should view their LinkedIn profile as an extension of their actual resumé. Creating and maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile gives users the ability to connect with fellow students and alumni, as well as potential corporate residency or full-time employers.

  • Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile with relevant, consistent information.
  • Ask past employers to write a recommendation for others to view and learn firsthand about your previous accomplishments.
  • Interact with others on LinkedIn and ensure connections are made in a timely manner.

Students are invited to join the D'Amore-McKim MBA Current + Past group or the D'Amore-McKim MS Current + Past group to network with peers. Online students and alumni are invited to join the Northeastern Graduate Online Business Programs: Past and Present group.