Recruit Our Students

The Graduate Career Center is an excellent resource for employers to find, meet and hire qualified MBA students for both corporate residency and full-time opportunities. We strive to provide employers with meaningful opportunities to engage with students in order to find the right candidate for a position. By engaging in one or more of our numerous networking events, employers have the opportunity to meet students from a range of backgrounds, with specific skill sets needed in the business world today.

Student Recruiting Calendar

We would be delighted for you to request our calendar to learn more about the opportunities we offer for student and employer engagement.

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Why D’Amore-McKim School of Business students?

D’Amore-McKim students are passionate about their field, curious about the world around them and ready to engage with potential employers to showcase their specific, versatile skill sets. There are two ways in which employers can interact with our students, through a corporate residency or full-time employment opportunities.

Corporate Residency

Corporate Residency is a critical piece of the MBA program. Full-time MBA students complete a three, six, or twelve-month corporate residency after their first year of MBA classes. This opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom, to real world business experience, is a valuable asset in their education for both themselves and their employers. By employing a MBA student in a corporate residency, employers gain an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed asset to their team, capable of performing specific tasks or projects during a three, six, or twelve-month window. Our students have experience in a range of fields including finance, marketing, supply chain/operations, as well as many others. Students work on corporate residency June through December. We begin posting corporate residency positions in January, and the first day of interviews is at our Corporate Residency Interview Day. 

View our corporate residency statistics here.

Full-time Employment

MBA students and alumni seeking full-time opportunities are a great asset for employers with available positions. We are happy to work with employers to fill their specific needs, and are able to post full-time opportunities at no cost, at any time. Employers are given a customized resume book of students interested in their business. Students then apply for open positions online.

By posting your position with the Graduate Career Center, you will have access to a large, qualified pool of talented students and alumni from our full-time and part-time programs. If you are interested in filling or posting a job opening, please email Lynne Sarikas the job title and short description at

View our Full-Time MBA employment statistics here.

How can employers engage with students?

Employers can engage with students in a variety of ways including:

  • Networking events
  • Executive Luncheons
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Career Management Panels
  • Insider Insights
  • Career Expos