The Graduate Career Center offers numerous networking opportunities throughout the year. Networking is an essential component of any job search, enabling career growth and critical skill development. By creating a network of support, students gain direct insight into a field and strengthen their chances of successful entry. Networking events, classes, Insider Insights, and more are held throughout a student’s time at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. This sets them on the path to real-world success.

Open to all graduate business students

Career Expos

The Graduate Career Center offers a Fall and Spring Career Expo bringing multiple employers to campus. Through this networking opportunity, students can learn about full-time opportunities as well as corporate residencies. This is an excellent networking event for students, exposing them to a range of employers and career paths. 

Networking Events

Each spring, summer, and fall, current graduate business students join alumni and employers for an interactive networking event. The first hour is a structured rotation so everyone makes as many contacts as possible. The second hour is more information to provide time to make additional introductions or to have follow-up conversations with appropriate contacts.

Upcoming Events

Oct 21

Join us to hear from the Consulting industry leaders about their roles, their career journeys and their employers.

Oct 22

Chat with Jessica Medeiros to learn about how to write a cover letter that clearly demonstrates your skills and qualifications for the job you want.

Oct 29

Chat with Susan Antonelli, Senior Director, to learn about how to give an elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a succinct description that communicates who you are and your future goals in about 30 seconds.

Exclusive Events for Full-Time MBA Students

Career Management Classes and Panels

Company representatives often sit on panels for MBA students detailing career management insights. By discussing their own personal experience, students are able to better prepare for corporate residency and future career goals. In addition to panels, representatives also attend student club activities and other classes.

Executive Luncheons

Held between October and December, Executive Lunches create an intimate setting for MBA students to network with senior executives from a range of companies. In groups of six or less, MBA students dine with executives to learn more about their career path, industry and company. Schedules are shared in advance for students to sign up.

Insider Insight Sessions

During an Insider Sight Session, representatives from different companies come to Northeastern’s campus to give MBA students an overview of their company. A session is comprised of open opportunities in the company and a discussion on career paths. Current business issues will also be discussed.

Career Workshops

Career workshops are available for Full-Time MBA students in their second year of studies. These workshops cover a wide range of topics including job search strategies, networking tips and case interviews, enabling students to brush up on their skills while also connecting with one another, broadening their network even more.