Career Clips

Give your professional plans a boost with the following career clips from D’Amore-McKim’s Graduate Career Center. These short, information-rich videos will help you refine your job search quickly and efficiently.

Get an overview of the Graduate Career Center and the many services we provide for working professional students and alumni. 10 mins

Seeking to move into a more fulfilling job? Learn the steps you’ll need to make this happen including a project plan, reliable resources, ways to form a robust network, and a reasonable timeframe to make this become a reality. 10 mins

Learn the Global Talent System (GTS) basics. Topics include eligibility, GTS features, as well as why it’s important to fill out the GTS profile. 3 mins

NEU’s Global Talent System (GTS) has six fantastic research tools to help you in all phases of your career journey—from determining where you want to start to finding positions worldwide. You can even capture yourself on video answering practice interview questions! 8 mins

What do people say about you when you’re not in the room? Learn about how to define your physical and digital presence, and the importance of your verbal and written communication skills as you pursue your job search. 8 mins

LinkedIn is the heart of your personal brand. This session emphasizes the importance of your LinkedIn presence followed by quick explanations regarding privacy settings, maximizing your profile, the power of the alumni search, job search features, and leveraging company pages. 8 mins

Discover the ways to create a resume that fits the university format. Learn to develop a summary that distinguishes you from the competition. Know the right way to list your educational and work credentials as well as other alternative categories. 9 mins

One of the most common missteps we see in job searches is not enough networking or the right kind. This Career Clip attempts to demystify networking. By watching, the viewer will benefit by learning why and how to become an effective networker including process and preferred rules of engagement. 8 mins

Career fairs are one critical element to anyone’s job search. The purpose of this Career Clip is to inform the viewer on how to best optimize that experience. Highlights are what to do before you go, how to conduct yourself once you’re there and the importance of effective follow-up. 10 mins

Speed networking events by design are different from conventional unstructured networking events. By attending this Career Clip the viewer will learn the what, why, and how behind effective speed networking. Additionally, 10 tips for success is the crux of this session’s teachings. 7 mins

Impress your interviewer by writing a thoughtful, handwritten, and professional thank you note. Learn the six tips for a note that keeps you top-of-mind in the hiring process. 5 mins

The why and how behind performing a targeted job search is covered. In addition, the four key elements to a targeted search are broken down and described in easy to follow steps. Of equal importance, what not to do is discussed as well. 13 mins

If the job is worth applying for, it’s worth writing a customized letter. Learn the 10 tips for success to help you write a cover letter that differentiates you from the competition. 10 mins

Want to ace your next interview and win the offer? Learn what to do before, during, and after the meeting to become memorable. Hear about the four times money is discussed and the best ways to answer the questions that will give you the inside edge. 12 mins

Partnering with reputable third-party recruiters can add “bench strength” to your job search. Find out how to identify recruiters, research their reputation, and leverage the relationship for mutual benefit. 6 mins

Learn the art of the deal and the ways to win. Discover the components of an offer beyond salary and benefits and determine what matters to you. Hear about tactics to employ during a negotiations discussion and what to avoid. 7 mins

Although not impossible, finding jobs in the US is more challenging than it has been in the past. It’s recommended that you have a “Plan B,” what you will do if you are unable to stay and work in the US. Discover six tips to help you with this job search strategy. 9 mins