Fueled by a visionary partnership with a generous international family, the FAS Center will draw the best minds in global business to Northeastern through its support of endowed professorships, faculty and student fellowships, student scholarships, and innovative programming for global business leaders. These center stakeholders will drive new curricula, creating opportunities for students to learn about global business through direct observation and meaningful work assignments in every corner of the globe. FAS Center faculty and business partners will co-develop new intellectual capital, which will redefine our understanding of global business success. Simply put, the FAS Center will be the source for global business talent and insight, playing a crucial role in establishing the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University as the preeminent business school in the world for global business.

Vision: To be the undisputed source for global business insight and leadership.

Mission: To educate and develop global business leaders and to create and disseminate new knowledge that shapes the forefront of business thinking and practice.

The FAS Center is built on three key foundational pillars: Comparative Global Finance, Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Global Leadership—selected for their universal and enduring relevance to businesses around the world.

Existing centers and business school capabilities will work in tandem with the center to ensure the infusion of global business research and curriculum. A catalyst for joint research opportunities and programs, the FAS Center will enhance existing courses and generate new curricular opportunities, including Islamic finance and corporate governance, cultural agility, and innovation in emerging markets.
Exploring Without Boundaries

The FAS Center breaks through traditional boundaries in global business teaching, research, and outreach with programming that cuts across academic disciplines and pioneers new perspectives on global business.

Embracing Diversity

FAS Center leaders and scholars teach that great insight and innovation come from a deep understanding of both the similarities and differences between global business leaders and practices around the world.

Fusing Theory and Practice

Scholars and leaders at the FAS Center understand that sound theory is essential to successful business practice and that a deep understanding of business practice is crucial to meaningful theory building.

Building World-Class Leaders

The FAS Center's goal is to become the undisputed source for global business insight and talent. Its scholars and leaders aspire to secure its position as the world leader in global business education and research.
Center for Emerging Markets
Dedicated to conducting research on how firms can leverage high-growth emerging markets for global competitive advantage and to disseminating best practices for success in such countries.

Center for Entrepreneurship Education
Empowering students, faculty, and alumni from across Northeastern University to innovate, start new companies, and become leaders in the innovation economy.

Center for Family Business
This membership-based educational program focuses on the unique interests of emerging leaders, successors and senior generation family members who are stakeholders in their family businesses.

Center for Workforce Analytics
Founded in 2015, the center works to help advance the science and practice of applied workforce measurement and analytics.

Cultural Agility Leadership Lab
An international volunteerism program designed to develop cultural agility in business professionals while building capacity of communities in need.

Global Assessment Center for Global Effectiveness
Global ACE is part of the faculty and student-run collection of programs and interactive centers designed to enhance students' global leadership competencies.

Social Enterprise Institute
Using social enterprise as a platform for teaching the importance of integrity, compassion, global awareness and social responsibility in all types of management and leadership.