Branding for Family Business

For family businesses and small enterprises, crafting a quality company image that matches your own perception of your business is one of the most rewarding investments owner/managers can make. It's more than a logo, more than a flashy website– it's the core of who you are.

In this one-hour webinar, Rani Wise from Rani Wise Consulting will show you how to focus your time and energy to successfully launch or re-launch your organization's brand, learn how to prioritize your team's resources to see results on a shorter timeline, and implement strategies to be recognized by the people who will help you achieve your goals. Suitable for all industries and experience levels, Wise will help you learn to identify and communicate your brand and family.

Human Capital Strategies for 2019

For family businesses and small enterprises, a solid Human Capital strategy can be both desired and elusive: where do you find quality talent? How do you recruit that quality talent, once located? And, perhaps most important, how do you keep quality talent engaged so they don't leave for the next opportunity when it comes knocking?

In this special three-day webinar series, Gaby Jenkins and Merrill Mahoney from Resource Management of Boston will walk you through the ins and outs of attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent. Realign your thoughts and generate a new strategy to build your team in 2019.