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About the Center for Family Business

Adding the complexities of a family and their needs to the dynamics of a competitive business can be a formidable challenge. The Center for Family Business helps business families identify and avoid potential pitfalls, solve complex interpersonal and family business issues, and plan for future family business success in an ever changing and increasingly more competitive environment.

By providing high quality educational support, networking opportunities, and individual business counseling in a supportive and confidential environment, we help our members navigate the complex landscape of the family business to create greater harmony within the family and ensure continued success for the business.

Our programs and activities revolve around the needs and interests of family members and other stakeholders and participants in family businesses, including emerging leaders, successors, the senior generations, students and key non-family executives.

Programs & Activities

Each year, the Northeastern University Center for Family Business recognizes family businesses across the state with the Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards. The awards program was created to promote and highlight some of the great achievements of Massachusetts-based, family-held businesses and entrepreneurs.

Recipients of the Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards are selected by a panel of independent judges based on the following criteria: business success, positive business and family linkages, multi-generational family involvement, contributions to the community and industry, and innovative business practices or strategies.

Last year’s finalists representated a combined total of 1,375 years in business, with an average company age of 57 years.

Visit www.mafba.com to learn more and apply.
The Center for Family Business crafts quality family business Executive Education programs each season. This series features an interactive dialogue between expert program facilitators, family business guest speakers, and family business attendees. The programs are designed to support the management, operation and long-term health and success of your family business.

Visit our Events page to view upcoming programs and register.
Standard, “textbook” solutions to tough family business issues just don’t work. To find practical, actionable advice for the family business issues you face, you need “real-life” solutions from other family businesses.

Our Peer Groups provide a forum for business owners and emerging leaders to meet and discuss their challenges and opportunities with their counterparts in a confidential setting. Peer Groups provide feedback and advice from an informal Board of Advisers, while at the same time providing an opportunity to acquire new critical thinking and problem solving skills.

These groups meet in the evening on a recurring, 6-week cycle. In addition to the evening forums, we host additional workshops and social outings, including an annual retreat.
The Center’s monthly newsletter, Fambiz, provides family-owned firms with timely business, legal, insurance, investment, and tax planning ideas and offers insights on strengthening family business relationships and family systems.

Subscribers to our general email list will automatically receive updates on Center programs and activities, recap emails from our Executive Education series, and opportunities to participate in select programs held by Center sponsors.

Fambiz is the leading website for family business news. Center members receive unlimited access to this powerful, web-based search engine with hundreds of top articles and papers regarding family business.

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Piloted in January 2019, the Center produces a Webinar series that addresses a multitude of business topics from a family business perspective.

Our first installment was a program in three parts that focused on Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining employees– Human Capital Strategies for 2019. Our second installment, Branding for Family Business, took place in July 2019.

If you missed the live events, you can still view the recorded series online!
Northeastern University Family Business Club, or FBC, is a home to all Northeastern University students who are interested in family business and/or wanting going to work for a prospective family business owner.

The purpose of Family Business Club is to provide the family business committee a chance to meet, to share, to enrich and to support each other to grow. We are here to build your confident when going into a family business.

Email: fbcneu@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NuFamilyBusinessClub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FBC_NEU
OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/52344/chapter

“The Center’s core value is the privacy of its members. Our confidential, non-commercial group environment gives participants a safe, secure setting in which to learn and grow as family business leaders.”

Ted Clark, Director

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We are a membership organization that provides high-quality education, networking, and support to business families in a non-commercial and confidential group environment.

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