Developed in partnership with prominent technologist and innovation pioneer Curtis Carlson and his partner Len Polizzotto, D’Amore-McKim’s introduction to the Value Creation methodology will allow you to do hands-on work in a stimulating peer-group setting with practices for building true, lasting value for customers in a proven framework for enterprise innovation.

We recommend that you bring three or four colleagues to experience this unique methodology as a team, and discover ways that your firm will benefit comprehensively from the value creation methodology.

What You’ll Experience

  • Data and case histories about why most innovation initiatives fail
  • The NABC framework as a guide for your organization’s innovation efforts
  • Hard questions about building true value for your customers: new ways to understand them, and getting honest about the actual value of your proposed innovation
  • Value Creation Forums: how to harness the genius of continuous team innovation
  • A unique iterative process to rigorously test and refine ideas
  • Create comprehensive Value Propositions with cross-organizational teams
  • Align the interests of the C-suite, line managers, and the creative technical professionals for breakthrough innovation performance
  • Processes and metrics that reveal, support, and sustain your innovation efforts