Featuring Mohan SubramaniamAssociate Professor at Carroll School of Management in Boston College.

For decades, firms have anchored their competitive strategy on products, value chains and industry characteristics. These approaches, by such legacy firms, are getting outdated. This talk presents an overview of Professor Mohan's upcoming book that offers a modern perspective of competitive strategy that is anchored on data and digital ecosystems. Key ideas include the showcasing of data's enlarged role in modern business, a fresh conceptualization of digital ecosystems tailored to the needs of legacy firms, along with new frameworks that show how digital ecosystems can amplify the power of data for competitive advantage. I highlight the significance of interactive data, and why it is more powerful than episodic data that most legacy firms currently use. Professor Mohan presents digital ecosystems as a combination of production and consumption ecosystems. Based on these ideas he offer frameworks to unleash the modern drivers of competitive advantage.