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At one time, going public in the US was a dream for many companies. More recently, US regulation, legislation, and compliance requirements have driven Chinese businesses (and many others) to go public on non-US stock exchanges. Does this protect the US shareholder or should the US change its approach to attract more IPOs from these companies? Is this shift best for Chinese companies or should they consider adapting to US requirements?

In this talk, David Sherman, Professor of Accounting at Northeastern University, and Len Jui, Deputy Chair of the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, described and examined the multifaceted and complex interaction of regulatory scrutiny and inviting more businesses into the US stock market. When does stringent regulatory scrutiny bolster investor confidence, and when does it repel new investment opportunities? These questions and more are a backdrop for many Chinese companies interested in going public, multinational enterprises expanding overseas, and young companies in search of capital. 

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The presenters/session leaders for the Center for Emerging Markets China Insights Series are all members of the D'Amore-McKim School of Business faculty and Fellows of D'Amore-McKim's Center for Emerging Markets. All have decades of experience researching, consulting, and speaking on China and China's economy.