Join Collective Intelligence leaders across disciplines to explore how powerful technology can be leveraged to tackle big problems. The three-day conference features excellent speakers from both corporate and academia and will explore topics that focus on how people and computers can be connected so that, collectively, they act more intelligently than any person or group has before. It will also expose businesses and leaders to ways to make more technologically enabled decisions—how to work smarter, not harder – such as how AI can help groups be more collectively intelligent and when and how individuals and groups should use AI.

Humanics is a leading theme at Northeastern University, and this conference, focused on human-AI interaction, is at the core of that strategic initiative.

ACM Collective Intelligence 2024

ACM Collective Intelligence 2024 Opens in Modal

I think the collective intelligence conference is really unique among academic conferences for how broad and diverse it is. It brings together people from biology, philosophy, social science, and computer science. I really love that about the community and this conference, in particular, (because it brings) so many different fields together.

Christoph Riedl, Conference Chair

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Human computation
  • Social computing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Wisdom of crowds/prediction markets
  • Group memory and extended cognition
  • Collective decision-making and problem-solving
  • Organizational design and strategy
  • Ethics of collective intelligence
  • Computational models of groups
  • Emergence and evolution of intelligence in biological systems
  • New technologies for making groups smarter
  • Collective creativity and innovation
  • Citizen engagement and participation
  • Citizen science
  • Artificial intelligence and collaboration
  • Open source intelligence and investigation
  • Collective computation
  • Swarming & synchronicity
  • Voting and incentive mechanism design
  • Collective forecasting/super forecasting

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Find the program, a full list of speakers and organizers, information about related events, and details about the forthcoming special issue on AI for Collective Intelligence.
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Additionally, on the eve of the conference, we invite attendees to participate in 17 Rooms—a chance to advance the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through collective intelligence.