Thank you for your interest in event publicity at D'Amore-McKim. Please finalize your event content before submitting this form so we can help you get the word out!


Please submit this form…

at least 4 weeks

prior to your scheduled event.

You will get an automated response that your request was received

immediately after submission

If you are requesting a public-facing event post on the D'Amore-McKim website, you should expect a detailed response with an event page draft link and/or questions in…

4-6 business days

if posting to both the Northeastern calendar and the D'Amore-McKim website


3-5 business days

if posting to a single platform (web, social media, teams, etc.)

If you are requesting other publicity (social media posts, newsletter event listings, etc.) for either an internal or external event, you should expect a response in…

1-3 business days

from request date if event is internal


1-3 business days

from the day the event post is live on the D'Amore-McKim website if the event is external

Platform Specifics

Posting to the Northeastern Calendar

  • Changes to the Northeastern Calendar require approval from Central Marketing and thus take time. Please take this into account when planning your event.

Posting to the Website

  • Events on the website should be external-facing and open to the entire D'Amore-McKim community.
  • Events must include all fields marked as required in the form below to be included on the website.
  • The Communications Team will provide you with a draft version of the D'Amore-McKim webpage for your approval.

Posting to Social Media

  • Posting to social media is subject to other posts scheduled to be published. The Communications Team will try our hardest to fit in your event promptly.

Posting to Newsletters

  • The Communications Team would be happy to add your event to any D'Amore-McKim newsletter where events are shared, which includes the weekly faculty/staff Events newsletter (sent on Wednesday afternoons), the monthly Undergraduate Student newsletter, the weekly Graduate Student newsletter (sent on Wednesday afternoons), and/or the seasonal/quarterly Alumni newsletter.

Event Publicity Form