Spring 2023 recipients of the Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets

The Center for Emerging Markets is supported by a generous gift from Venkat and Pratima Srinivasan that allows Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled in full-time programs at Northeastern University to conduct research, create a startup, take part in a service-learning project, organize a conference, or pursue another innovative project that addresses pressing problems in one or more emerging markets.

The winners of the Spring 2023 Srinivasan Family Awards will pursue projects in Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal; working to advance solar-powered telemedicine technology, emergency medical training, and reproductive health education. 

Service Project: Implementation of solar-powered cell infrastructure and telehealth kits in rural Kenya 

Alex Chang, College of Science 

Alex aims to provide a foundational model for sustainable medical development in off-grid regions through the deployment of solar-powered cellular infrastructure, medical refrigeration technology, and portable telemedicine. His proof-of-concept will be instituted in cooperation with the African Centre for Community Investment in Health in Chemolingot, Kenya. 

Research: Analyzing emergency medical system efficacy in rural Kenya to improve the training of volunteer emergency personnel 

Shreyas Mosurkal, Bouvé College of Health Sciences  

Shreyas intends to analyze the barriers that prevent emergency medical care providers from delivering high-quality emergency care to patients at high medical risk in Tiaty, Baringo, Kenya. His research aims to provide policy-based recommendations for prehospital emergency care and expand the scope of practice of volunteer emergency-response motorcycle riders in the area. 

Social Project: Disseminating reproductive health advocacy toolkits in Kathmandu, Nepal, as a pilot for a larger-scale education initiative nationwide. 

Sima Sharma Tiwari, Bouvé College of Health Sciences  

Sima will be expanding an educational initiative to provide advocacy resources and training to schoolteachers for comprehensive reproductive health education in Nepal. She will be disseminating an advocacy toolkit to schoolteachers in the Kathmandu region and assessing its impact before scaling up to a larger geographical scale. 

Service Project: Designing medical devices to meet needs expressed in Ghanaian hospitals 

Innovators for Global Health
Zachary Hoglund, College of Engineering  
Paloma Figueroa, College of Engineering  
Scott Pozder, Khoury College of Computer Science  
Kathleen Tschoepe, College of Engineering  

Innovators for Global Health (IGH) intends to design and produce low-cost, sustainable medical devices for several healthcare facilities in Ghana and build a second chapter of IGH at the University of Ghana to foster greater collaboration with their projects' stakeholders 

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